Fabric Protection

Image of clean protected carpet and upholstery

Tired of feeling tense whenever people carry food or drinks near the couch? AllClass offers a fabric protection service that guards against spills, stains, dirt and grime. The process also makes the fabric easier to clean in the event of a spill, keeping your furniture looking fresh and beautiful for longer.

AllClass recommends fabric protection not only because it repels grime, but because the protective barrier it provides helps spills from soaking through into the fabric. Done in conjunction with upholstery cleaning, this can add years to the life of your lovely furnishings. And don’t worry: the process won’t change the look, or the feel, of your upholstery – just the ease to which dirt and unwanted spills can adhere to it.

As with all AllClass services, the equipment and products used are all of the highest quality and hand picked to best suit the job. Please call or ask our experienced technicians about our special deals on fabric protection and upholstery cleaning.

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