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It’s a little-known industry fact that high-rises present difficulties in professional cleaning. Most regular carpet cleaning equipment is designed for ground-floor work only, and struggles to reach the levels required for an apartment or hotel room. The experienced technicians at AllClass are equipped with portable machines to handle these difficult cleans, which we will always perform to the highest industry standards.

Whether you live on the first floor, or in the 30th storey penthouse, AllClass will provide you with the brilliant carpet cleaning we are known for all over Canberra. We have a quick response time, provide thorough apartment cleaning for vacating tenants, and will handle both commercial and domestic jobs with expertise and professionalism. And the best part? Once clean, you can use your carpets straight away.

Your carpets will feel softer, smell fresher, and provide a healthier home environment. AllClass apartment cleaning offers a range of services that include stain removal, upholstery cleaning, blind and curtain cleaning, odour neutralisation, rug cleaning, carpet dyeing, leather care, hard surface cleaning, and more. As your expert technicians about what we can do for your high-rise today.

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